Book design, branding and marketing materials

LISA CLARK has a twenty year history with design and art direction for both print and digital media. Primarily working in the publishing arena, her career also includes agency, design studio environments as well as technology when she was an eBook manager for Adobe Systems. From advertising, to magazines, print and digital books, her background has a broad range, always with a special attention to typography and art research. Her recent studies at Harvard end this spring with a Masters of Liberal Arts, concentrating on visual art.

Her interests are not exclusive to commercial printing and design, but also include handmade artists’ books, which one can look through like a telescope, or fold out into many geometric shapes.

Although graphic design is a primary focus, music has taken up a lot of spare time, whether it’s Old Time, Jazz or Zydeco. Singing, listening, dancing and frequenting record stores accounts for much of her recreational activities.